Registration Terms and Conditions

1. Umoja Generational Wealth (UGW) is a Club formed under the laws of England and Wales.
2. UGW is a private by invitation only members’ club with a solo purpose of supporting and helping grow Africans (individuals and corporations) economic wellbeing.
3. UGW is funded by its members only and in return members benefit from being able to help the community growing their economic base plus being stakeholders in the enterprise. That growth is shared with the members. The shared growth is added to their account at the end of their calendar year.
4. Members make a monthly contribution to his/her account plus GBP 10 for Committees’ expenditure.
5. Monthly contribution is the amount a member puts aside for the solo purpose of him/her participate on wealth creation opportunities of his/her choice. If the opportunity the Member wants to take part in requires more than the member has accumulated the member has the option to make an ad hoc increase to meet that requirement. If in the other hand the amount he requires is lower than what he has in his account, then his account is reduced by the correspondent amount only and the balance is left for future action from the member. The member is not obliged to take part in any opportunity.
6. Members must bring one (1) or more members to become UGW Effective members .
7. Membership Registration fees – currently there is a symbolic one-off membership fee of GBP 25.00 however this will be reviewed in the future if need be.
8. Effective members are selected under the following categories: Ordinary (Bronze, Silver or Gold) and Committee Members. Ordinary Members are effective members without any other role within UGW. Committee Members are effective members who dedicate their time and skill for improvement and smooth running of the organisation. Committee Members can be rewarded for their time and effort whenever possible.
9. Committees: UGW has 3 Committees: Evaluation, Monitoring and Management and Board of Directors with a Chairman.
10. UGW is not restricted geographically although its activities are focused on Africa and/or for the benefit of African people no matter where in the world.
11. UGW has no creed, political or faith allegiance, so everyone invited is welcome as long as it is for the solo benefit of African people anywhere in the world.
12. UGW and its Committees commits to present to its member regular update on the state of account of its activities, membership level and overall development. Each member receives individually statement report of their individual account including contributions, assets and return.
13. UGW name, trademark, brand and associated Intellectual Property belongs to its creator and cannot be used without permission of the relevant committees.
14. If Members decided to leave UGW (after first 6 months), s/he must communicate his/her intention, fill in the release form, attend a meeting to assess their contribution and earnings and then return any UGW property in their possession. The refund is only made through the same means as contributions were made. The asset is retained by the group in exchange for the monetary value to the former member. In case of death of the member, the asset will revert to the family.
15. Any other terms not observed in here are resolved by the committee under the law of England and Wales.
16. This T&C is subject to change

Africans means Africans, African Diasporas and African Descendants in Africa and around the world.
The amount is subject to the Membership level (Bronze, Silver or Gold)
UGW Effective members – are members who benefit from the full range of UGW benefits including but not limited to profitable Assets’ access, free Training, Mentoring or Coaching, Master Classes, Financial Liberation Training, Financial Planning Strategy, Group Economics
OR EUR 30.00 or USD 35.00